This couldn’t describe some of my relationships with ya’ll any better.

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of Tumblr. ..then I realize hours have gone by

Picked up meals for the week.. Day 21 of Paleo…prepping my dinners next.
No cheese/dairy(I miss pizza)
No bread products,
No artificial products, &
No junk food whatsoever…a huge sacrifice but the changes are phenomenal. Only meats, fatty fish, nuts and fruits. This is the diet of cavemen and its has yielded amazing results, by far the best life change I’ve committed too.

#Freshcutfriday and ready for the weekend.

Good morning killeen

Happy Thursday #Repost from @insuh4 with @repostapp —

The kiss

I took Diego to see the new movie, we had a blast and the outfits were a hit!


Cherry pie covered in oil and rolled in kief, hash, shatter, lube, sour candy, and topical for my wrists… So high I’m in heaven👼

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I’m supposed to be getting ready but I just saw my reflection in the mirror and then masturbated for 10 mins oops

This woman’s desire for her body is what society needs to do to itself